Registration Fee

All tourists entering the Municipality of Sagada must each pay the registration fee of Php 100.

Registered tourists will each be provided a tourist kit which includes informative documents that may aid them in their stay in Sagada. A tourist ID will also be provided for identification purposes, and it will also serve as their pass when entering tour sites in provided tour packages.

Tour Package Ratio

Each tour package offered has a ratio of 1 tour package : 10 pax : 1 guide; except for the spelunking/caving tours.

This would mean that each tour package may accommodate a maximum of 10 pax and this includes a certified tour guide. Groups exceeding 10 in number must book an extra tour package.

Scroll below for currently offered tours.

Paytokan Walk

Inclusions: Accredited tour guide

Duration: 2-4 hours

This walking tour starts at the center of town and would take guests through the Mission Compound (MC) and continues further to Baw-eng Creek popularly known to tourists as Echo Valley. Here guests would be able to see cathedral rock formations and the pine-covered grounds of Mt. Kanip-aw. Guests would then walk further down the valley to have a close-up view of Sagada’s age-old hanging coffins.

The Mission Compound is a significant element in the history of Sagada’s early days. It is a fruit of the i-Sagada’s interaction with the American missionaries who set the early foundations of what the town is at present. Guests would be acquainted with some historical structures such as the Church of Saint Mary the Virgin, the First Bell, the Hydro-dam wheels among others. This part of the tour would give guests an idea on how Sagada was one of the industrial centers in the northern Philippine mountains during the early 1900s before it was once again sent to the background of modern development.

Matangkib EXIT

Php 1000

Note: An additional access fee of Php 10 per pax shall be charged by the Mission Compound in Sagada.

This route exits at Matangkib, a cavern where a small river flows into underground channels that cross Sagada’s famous caves.

Rock Climbing (Optional)

Php 500 per pax

Inclusions: Harness and safety equipment use, personal belayer, unlimited ascent and descent

Enhance your adventure experience in Sagada by climbing the Paytokan Rock Wall. Test your endurance, agility, balance, and mental fortitude as you ascend to the top and be blessed by a different view of the surrounding valley.

Nabas-ang to Ampacao Trail

Inclusions: Accredited tour guide and shuttle service

Duration: 4-5 hours

Php 1850

This sunset tour would jump-off at Atoanan, Sagada and pass by two grassland clearings through an old pineforest trail. The setting sun can be viewed in the company of occassional grazing animals or on a vantage point at the peak of Mount Ampacao with a view of the western mountain ranges. A great way to freshen your soul while immersing in nature.

Note: Shuttle service is optional and guests may prefer to walk to the destination. The tour rate shall be adjusted accordingly.

Pongas Falls

Inclusions: Accredited tour guide, shuttle service

Duration: 2-4 hours

Php 1250

This tour brings you towards the southern Barangay of Ankileng, passing by their bountiful rice terraces and flowing rivers up to the mountainside canyons. The trek ends with a view of two cascading waterfalls which transforms to four raging waterfalls during the rainy season.

Balangagan Cave

Inclusions: Accredited tour guide and shuttle service

Duration: 4-5 hours

Php 1150 (up to 5 pax)

This is one of the easier caving tours in Sagada which brings guests down to Balangagan — the traditional burial ground of the people of Barangays Suyo and Taccong in Southern Sagada. The cave has its own well developed rock formations in its surface and subsurface with a water basin at its mouth.

Lamagan to Blue Soil Trail

Inclusions: Accredited tour guide and shuttle service

Duration: 4-5 hours

This hiking tour brings guests to pine covered trails that open to a clearing of the rocky grasslands of Lamagan, popularly known as Marlboro Hills.

Sunrise Trek

Php 2900

With this option, you can witness a breathtaking sea of clouds cradled by surrounding mountain ranges, or find solace as you are enveloped by thick fog from the mountaintops. After watching the rising sun, the tour passes by vibrant blue-colored hills before exiting through the southern part of Sagada.

Day Hike

Php 2900

Here, one can view the vibrant colors of the different flora surrounding the area and marvel at the rocky hills, the deep valleys, and the rice terraces down below.

The tour then passes by blue-colored hills on the way to the southern part of Sagada.

Bomod-ok Falls

Inclusions: Accredited tour guide and shuttle service

Duration: 3-4 hours

Php 1150

Note: An additional access fee of Php 10 per pax shall be charged by the barangay of Fidelisan in Sagada.

This tour would bring you to the northernmost barangays of Sagada beneath Cordilleran mountain ranges that serve as provincial boundaries. The tour starts in Barangay Bangaan going through the rice terraces of Fidelisan, passing by a small mining town and ending in the towering Bomod-ok Falls.

Spelunking Tours

Inclusions: Accredited tour guide, shuttle service

Part of the popular spelunking experience in Sagada is the viewing of numerous limestone rock formations, stalactites and stalagmites, walking on flow stones and stepping on the inevitable bat guano.

Cave Connection

Duration: 3-5 hours

Php 1900 (up to 3 pax)

This tour passes through two of the most popular among the caves of Sagada. It starts by entering the Lumiang Burial Cave — its entrance filled with age-old coffins — and tunnels through several chambers before exiting through Sumaguing Cave.

Sumaguing Cave

Duration: 2-3 hours

Php 1200 (up to 5 pax)

This is the shorter of the the two caving tours which enters and exits at Sumaguing Cave. Despite being a shorter trip, it still offers an exciting spelunking experience.

Note: The Shuttle service (Php 400) included in the spelunking tours is optional and guests may prefer to walk to the destination. The tour rate shall be adjusted accordingly.

Kapay-aw Farms

This experience tour is currently suspended until further notice.

Duration: 4 hours; –

The lands of Sagada to the south are full of bountiful agriculture which provide sustenance to the people of the community. This tour would take you through a learning experience in the production of local coffee from planting to brewing, and the cultivation of citrus trees – among them lemon trees which provide the source of the ingredients used in popular lemon pies served around Sagada.

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Tourists visiting Sagada only for staycation may do so by selecting the holistay option during their registration.